Success Stories

Fully Automatic Welding Production Line for Core Parts Of Tower Cranes

  • Multi Robots
  • Multi Workstations
  • RGV Automatic Workpiece Transportation

Robotic Welding Production Line for Pile Crane Mast

  • Automatic assembly
  • Automatic welding
  • Automatic transportation
  • Achieving Unmanned factory

Robotic Welding Production Line for Mining Machinery Parts

  • Multi welding workstation
  • RGV automatic workpiece transportation
  • Long working hours and heavy load welding

Robotic welding system for wind turbine frame

  • Automatic assembly
  • Automatic welding

High speed railway door production line

  • The world's first special robotic welding production line for aluminum railway door used in high-speed train

Intelligent robotic welding production line for automotive parts

  • Automatic identification of multiple types of workpieces, and parameterized programming to achieve unmanned factory

Robotic spraying production line for offshore wind power components

  • Super heavy-duty anti-corrosion spraying process .

Robotic welding production line for Ocean going vessels

  • Automatic assembly
  • Automatic welding

Robotic surface welding system

  • Application of special robotic GMAW cladding technology.

Robotic chamfering and polishing workstation for rotary bearing

  • 3D laser scanning system with a object recognition algorithm
  • Automatically recognize workpiece, and generate tool path.
  • Cooperate with the force control polishing system to achieve perfect grinding effect

Robotic flame cutting workstation

  • Complete the cutting and beveling of welding parts.

High-strength steel telescopic boom welding auxiliary machines

  • Complex and exquisite hydraulic fixtures ensure the special welding process of high-strength steel

Construction Machinery Welding Production Line.

  • Multi robotic welding station
  • RGV automatic workpiece transportation.

Smart robotic welding production line for commercial vehicle parts

  • Automaticly identification of workpieces
  • Automaticly tool selection