STUAA's Turnkey Solution For Robotic Welding Systems Is An Economical And Efficient Choice To Address The Current Labor Shortage Problem.

The labor shortage, shortened delivery times, and increased competition among manufacturers in the same industry have pressured manufacturers tremendously. Robot technology may be your solution to these problems. Robots can achieve high-speed, consistent, and reliable welding performance around the clock. These turnkey solutions are cost-effective choices.

STUAA plans and implements robot welding systems as a complete turnkey system or an integrable single system according to your requirements.

In this process, we strive to provide a solution that meets your current and future needs, helping you achieve tremendous success in the long run. Therefore, to ensure this, we can still provide comprehensive service concepts for you after your system debugging.

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From thoroughly understanding your operation and needs to design, engineering, construction, complete system integration, customized programming/HMI, installation, training, and ongoing support - the robot automation system team is always there to support you and provide the latest automation to transform your business.

Our team of robot welding engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical design engineers will set up a complete automation welding system for your facility. Typical custom robot welding systems include the following:

  • Robots
  • Positioners
  • Welding fixture design
  • Welding machine
  • Safety system design
  • HMI with PLC logic for selecting part type
  • Welding path programming
  • Optional laser seam tracking
  • Optional integration with vision system
  • Optional on-site installation and debugging services
  • Optional on-site or STUAA training services


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  • FANUC robot
  • Single column type 3-axis robot carrier
  • L type positioner with 2 axis
  • Customized tooling fixtures
  • Double Fanuc robots
  •  Bridge gantry carrier with X, Y ,Z axises
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  • Single Fanuc robot
  • Single column and with guide rail type robot carrier
  • Dual-drive super heavy loading Headstock/ Tailstock
  • Dual robots
  • Headstock/ Tailstock
  • Nested double rotation robot carrier
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  •  Double robots
  • 3 axises gantry robot carrier
  • Welding Rotator
  • Multi robots
  • Gantry robot carrier
  • Automatic tooling fixtures Library
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rw (7).jpg
  • Multi robots
  • 3 axises gantry carrier
  • Multi positioner
  • RGV