STUAA is not just an automation company, but constantly striving for technological innovation and application. We are researching the possibilities of robot applications, 3D vision systems, 3D printing, and ceramics applications; we have established joint laboratories with top universities to research the application of new technologies in additive manufacturing,new energy vehicles and complex conditions. Our partnerships with first-class universities help us apply novel industrial automation solutions, and our cooperation with top academic researchers enables us to translate theoretical research into practical applications, providing investment returns for our customers.

We don't just find solutions. We use our knowledge, curiosity, and experience to achieve technological and application innovations.

STUAA has been investing heavily in R&D. Our growth in technological challenges is precisely driven by this spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that propels our business development.

Why invest in R&D? As team with more than 100 engineers, we are always looking for ways to improve manufacturing systems. We strive to adopt new technologies and address our customers' challenges. STUAA is committed to providing the best solutions to ensure our customers achieve their business results through our professional ability.


  • STUAA 380 km/h high-speed rail sliding door robot welding system is a global leader in technology and has been featured on the cover of the Knorr Group magazine in Bain, Germany.
  • Cutting-edge technology Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) 3D printed marine propellers.


  • Intelligent production line for new energy vehicle battery shell trays, creating the number one in China.
  • Relying on years of process accumulation, we have successfully launched a welding expert process database. Enable users to easily achieve high-quality welding process performance. It can also be combined with offline programming software to provide users with the most professional user experience.